Der Konzern Carpenter produziert bereits seit 1994 im Gewerbegebiet „Erfurter Kreuz“
an seinem Standort Ichtershausen PUR-Schaumstoffe zur Verwendung in Polster-
produkten. Das Unternehmen ist eigenen Angaben zufolge der weltweit größte
Hersteller von Komfort-Polsterprodukten mit 19 Schäumereien. Weltweit beschäftigt
der Konzern 4.700 Mitarbeiter in insgesamt 56 Niederlassungen, einschließlich des
Werkes im Ilm-Kreis.
Business and Science
in Harmony
ARNSTADT (TRIA), Ilm district has an in-
novative economic and business commu-
nity at their disposal. The northern sec-
tion, characterised by large industrial
parks, is complimented by the south
where the Ilmenau University of Tech-
nology and various research institutions
dominate and act as drivers of innovation.
The TRIA is distinguished by swift and
practical research and development solu-
tions, due to their collaborative work with
Ilmenau University of Technology, various
research institutions and industry itself.
The Thuringian forest region has long
been established as a producer of ther-
mometers. From the very first glass tube
thermometers, to the premium electronic
instruments of today. A thermometer fac-
tory in Geraberg, once the second largest
in Europe, has had a positive impact on
the area. Today, 'Metrology from Geratal'
is recognised worldwide for innovation in
the fields of thermal metrology, sensors
and transducers. In recent years the sec-
tor has progressed exceptionally well,
when compared to other Thuringian re-
gions. This is the result of favourable po-
litical conditions in the Free State of
Thuringia and the close collaborative
work of all protagonists involved on a va-
riety of levels. With a turnover of 1.93 bil-
lion Euros in the first three quarters of
Ilm district is the clear front-runner
in Thuringia and has seen significant in-
creases when compared to the previous
year. This positive trend is also substanti-
ated by the employment figures from
November 2011, with unemployment
rates of 7.9 %. The success of the compa-
nies operating in the 'Erfurter Kreuz' in-
dustrial zone has been a decisive factor in
these positive developments.