Wirtschaft im Ilm-Kreis
Sie kümmern sich um Ihr
Kerngeschäft, wir erledigen
den Rest
Als Thüringer Systemhaus sind wir
Ihr Partner, wenn es um IT, Kom-
munikation und Netzwerke geht. Wir
modernisieren und warten Ihr Sys-
tem und bieten Ihnen neben der
Ausstattung mit Hard- und Software
auch einen Rundum-Service bei der
kontinuierlichen Überwachung. Sie
sparen Zeit und Kosten dank mo-
dernster IT-Komponenten. Durch ein
permanentes Monitoring sicher-
heitsrelevanter Prozesse wie Ihrer
Firewall oder Antivirus-Software
sind Sie immer auf dem neuesten
Stand. Und passiert doch einmal et-
was, sind wir sofort zur Stelle um
das Problem zu beheben. Sie haben
Zeit für Ihr Kerngeschäft, wir küm-
mern uns darum, dass das so bleibt.
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The economic success of a region is heavily influenced by the potential, capac-
ity and readiness of the economic and scientific communities for innovation.
A significant criteria to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of this potential
is the current status of it's networking and cooperation activities. Business clus-
ters and associations offer ideal conditions to find solutions in one region. The
Technology Region Ilmenau
Arnstadt (TRIA) is charac-
terised by the economic and
scientific communities flexi-
bility and willingness to in-
novate and their wish to
work in close collaboration
to mutually benefit both
This process of strategic syn-
thesis within the Technology
Region Ilmenau Arnstadt
manifests itself in entirely d-
ifferent ways, with each ex-
ponent independently work-
ing towards long-term
success. Here are some ex-
amples of this:
Regional associations with considerable economic power and a critical mass
of companies, without any direct cooperation structures, but with strategi-
cally aligned R&D elements.
Innovation networks that drive knowledge transfer and technology develop-
ment, but that don't necessarily have to be linked to the same sector.
Clusters that have a critical mass of companies and institutions, organise
regular cooperative projects, whose protagonists constantly develop their
strategic plan.
Regional associations, who are involved in regional marketing campaigns, as
well as projects to secure the demand for any future skilled workers.
Each of these completely different entities – defined by their thematic orienta-
tion - successfully exist in the region and with influence not only within the re-
gion, but also supra-regionally.
There are a number of fundamentals that networking projects undertaken by
the TRIA and others aim to achieve. For example, not to equalise weaknesses,
but to reinforce strengths; follow a strategy of regional specialisation, with si-
multaneous functional diversification and steady expansion of the value added
chain; promote endogenous potential and unique selling points compared to
other regions; concentrate resources with reference to specific networks/clus-
ters, in R&D as well as to promote efficient infrastructure, retention of skilled
professionals, finance and market selected new developments.
Together with other associations and clusters active in the region, both strate-
gic marketing activities and long-term measures to retain and gain skilled work-
ers have been set into motion.
Technology Region Ilmenau Arnstadt (TRIA)
Foto: C.F.otography / Fotolia.com