Wirtschaft im Ilm-Kreis
An Ideal Location
ARNSTADT is defined by the practical
expertise of the Ilmenau University of
Technology (TU) and it's associated
efficient research and development
results. The locally situated university
campus facilitates an active transfer of
technology to the Ilmenau Technology
and Innovation Centre, as well as
further scientific service centres. A
newly opened business park at
Ehrenberg Ost, with a total area of
hectares, is in close proximity to
the TU Ilmenau. The A71 motorway is
a mere 3km away from the business
Arnstadt and it's surrounding
economic area has excellent potential
in both traditional industries and
newly established business. As a
result, the region surrounding the
economic centre of Arnstadt today, is
characterised by ultra modern industry
and business, in the fields of
mechanical and plant engineering,
electrical engineering, aircraft engine
maintenance and suppliers of the
automotive industry. Future orientated
high-tech companies, concentrating on
energy and solar engineering also
feature heavily. The region has the
biggest industry and business park
with the large scale 'Erfurter Kreuz'.
The facility is tailored to meet market
needs, for example all road, rail and
supply links have been catered for and
it can be expanded up to 340 hectares.
The fact that it is located close to the
Erfurt motorway junction increases it's
appeal. The large scale 'Erfurter Kreuz'
facility is supplemented by a further
attractive business park 'An der
Bachschleife', located in the east of
Anstadt on a road that leads to the
Anstadt Nord A71 motorway junction.
Modern commercial properties are
available across an area of 4.2
hectares. Another business park is
located just off the A71 at the
Gräfenroda junction. A newly opened
park off the A71 in Geraberg with 9.6
hectares is also ready for business.
Alongside Jena and Erfurt, a further economic centre has formed in Thuringia, around the two
focal points of Ilm district – Ilmenau and Arnstadt.
Vielfalt ist unsere Natur
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