The complete range of research at the Ilmenau University of
Technology (TU) can now be viewed on the internet.
Competence Atlas
goes Live
The university's new Competence Atlas is designed to allow
businesses to quickly and easily find an appropriate cooperative
partner at the TU Ilmenau, for any research and development work
that they aren't willing or able to pay for. On the 8th of February the
Chancellor of the Ilmenau University of Technology, Prof. Peter Scharff
and the Vice-Chancellor for Sciences, Prof. Klaus Augsburg, launched
the online version of the Competence Atlas. An important aspect of
the research strategy at the TU Ilmenau is to provide scientific
expertise to the industry. Today, the university is working together
with 400 partners from commerce and academia. With the
introduction of the Competence Atlas, available both in print form and
online, it will be even easier to bring together partners from the
university and industry. The user friendly online version enables
business to quickly and easily search, not only the research expertise
of the Ilmenau University of Tecnology, but also the services offered
and the technical facilities of each specialised field.
The Ilmenau University of Technology (TU) has continued it's
success in attracting external funding for research in 2011.
External Funding
Reaches Record High
Following on from record results in 2010, the university was able to
attract 39.47 million Euros, which is once again the highest levels of
external research funding in its history. They were able to increase on
the figures from the previous year by more than 30%. With an average
income from external funding of approx. 407,000 Euros per professor,
the TU Ilmenau is the undisputed leader when compared to all other
Thuringian universities and also occupies a very good position
nationwide. Prof. Klaus Augsburg, Vice-Chancellor of Sciences, feels
that the results of the TU Ilmenau backs up their research strategy: “By
pooling and concentrating research expertise in interdisciplinary, cross-
faculty research clusters, we were able to further sharpen the research
profile of the TU Ilmenau”. This lead to three technological centres
becoming affiliated with the cross-faculty institutes, that serve as a
research platform for the university, to accelerate the establishment of
independent researchers and research groups and also acts as an
interface between university research and private sector companies.
The Centre for Energy Technology (ZET) has been located in the
Humboldtbau building at the TU Ilmenau since 2009.
Contactless measurement of spectacle frames - a practical example of the
latest quality measurement technology using optical systems.
Fotos: TU Ilmenau/Susanne Jakob, TU Ilmenau
ZweckverbandWasser- und Abwasser-Verband Ilmenau
Naumannstraße 21 . 98693 Ilmenau .
Sichere Versorgung
Der Zweckverband Wasser- und Abwasser-Ver-
band Ilmenau betreibt, die Trinkversorgung und
die Abwasserbeseitigung für das Verbands-
gebiet rund um Ilmenau im Thüringer Wald.
Mehr als 18.000 Haushalte, Industrie, Gewerbe
und die Landwirtschaft werden täglich mit
frischem Wasser versorgt. Moderne Reinigungs-
anlagen garantieren eine schadlose Ableitung
und Aufarbeitung des Abwassers.